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Rabid Grizzly Rest Area on the Cassair Hwy

Rabid Grizzly Rest Area on the Cassair Hwy

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  • Date Posted: Jul 2, 2013
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Not far down the Cassair road did we realize that this trip was going to be special.  It felt like around every corner was another scenic view that could be put on a postcard.

We pulled off on the Rabid Grizzly rest area to fill up the veggie oil tank.

Sadly, this particular rest stop didn’t have a pit toilet.

Walking out into the wilderness was a foreign experience.  There wasn’t really any solid ground to walk on.  It was as if I was teetering on two meters of piled pine needles and leaves.  It was like walking on a sponge or spring.  I suspect no human strolled in that forest in a hundred years, or at all.

After we finished our business, we got back in the van and headed south toward Dease Lake.  In the middle of nowhere, we somehow got a CBC broadcast on the radio.  The really coincidental topic on the show was the scourge of Americans taking dumps in their pristine forests.  I’m not a paranoid person, but that was a little on the nose.