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Wemindji Turn-off

Wemindji Turn-off

  • Author: admin
  • Date Posted: Jul 12, 2015
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There is about a 100-mile gravel road that gets you from the James Bay Road to Wemindji.  Here is the monument erected when you turn off from the JBR.

We drove a few dozen miles and saw a car rolled in the ditch. We were concerned, because we didn’t see a single other car on the road, so we approached with caution.  For all we knew, we might have been the only vehicle on the road for days.  There might have been a dead body in there.

Upon closer inspection, this car must have rolled months ago.  No one was inside, so we continued on.  I suspect this area does not have a lot of wrecking services that is affordable, so if you lose your car in this bog, you better have a lot of moolah to fish it out of the drink.