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WVO Fuel Travel and Awareness is run by Nick Pisca and Glenn Wienke.  Based in California and Wisconsin, we use waste vegetable oil (WVO) from fryers to travel across the continent.

When we first started all this, some people laughed and some people were intrigued. Some claimed that this wouldn’t last, and we’d have massive mechanical issues. But after tens of thousands of miles and many years of proven longevity, we’ve shown that these filtered alternative fuels are a viable option to fossil fuels.

We’ve been all over North America.  It’s been an exciting adventure.  We even tried to obtain the Guinness Record for most miles traveled on biofuel, but their rules state there cannot be more than a 2-week break between road trips.  Since we do our adventures every July, that means our rolling clock restarts every July.  The longest trip we ever conducted was 13,100 miles in 18 days in 2015, when we drove from Los Angeles to Wisconsin to Wemidji Quebec to Happy Valley Goose Bay Labrador to St Johns Newfoundland to New York to Los Angeles.

We’ll continue to prove the efficacy and environmentalism of this fuel. Recently, we have been expanding our awareness of our approach to include more political purposes. The state of California is making it prohibitively difficult to collect WVO for personal use, so we are advocating and lobbying our legislators to allow us to continue our activism.


Please free free to peruse the homepage map to check out all the places we’ve been.  And on a tablet or phone, click a site from the list, and use the arrows on the bottom right to move back and forth in time.

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