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Fuel Line Repairs south of Dawson Creek BC

Fuel Line Repairs south of Dawson Creek BC

  • Author: admin
  • Date Posted: Jul 2, 2008
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Between Grand Prairie and Dawson Creek. 179765. Around 8am Wednesday.
Added 1.75 cubes.
Overfilled the tank. Luckily I caught this very early so we only spilled a few onces.

Nineteen miles south of Dawson Creek, 10:30am Wednesday
We stopped off at a lone gas station to grab some beverages, and I decided to inspect the hoses and engine compartment. Turns out our diesel return line looked a little worn and had some seepage. We spent 30 minutes replacing the line with some 3/8” fuel hose that I had stashed for just such an emergency.

Then in only a few miles, we were officially on the Alaska Highway for the first time!