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WVO Fuel Travel:  Road-tripping around North America using waste vegetable oil, helping the environment, and sightseeing.  

Thanks for visiting our website.  Nick Pisca and Glenn Wienke are based in California and Wisconsin, and we use waste vegetable oil (WVO) from fryers as biofuel to travel across the continent.

Nick and Glenn's travel records.



We’ve accomplished a lot! We’ve been all over North America. Click here to see our achievements:




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Mercedes, Volkswagon, Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler


Check out our fleet of vehicles that run on old vegetable oil.






Click to see the map of restaurants and food.



We travel everywhere and try some of the best and oddest food on the continent. Here’s a “sampler” of our favorites




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How’d we do this? Here’s a detailed step-by-step of how we converted one of our vehicles.





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Wanna come with on our road-trip? Click our map. (Note, there are 100’s of sites, so be patient. Use the pulldown under the map to filter by year to speed things up)





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