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Got an idea for our next 2024 WVO Roadtrip?  Send us a message and maybe we can meet up.

How’s it goin?  Whether you’re a veteran greaser, a newbie with vegetable oil, or a person not even interested in alternative fuels, we love hearing from our fans.

Also, if you have some extra clean/dewatered WVO that you want to donate, don’t hesitate to email us.  We can get together, show off our grease cars, and talk about the kits we have installed.  And even if you don’t have any grease to spare, we’d still like to meet up.

Attention Media or Documentary Inquiries:  If you want to interview us or include us on a report or film, be sure to add the words “MEDIA” to the subject below.  Thanks.

Want to get in touch with us? Here’s how:

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