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US-Canada Border Crossing near Carway

US-Canada Border Crossing near Carway

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  • Date Posted: Jul 1, 2008
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Crossing the Montana (U.S.) – Canada Border. 8:30pm Tuesday.
We drove up to the Canadian border about two hours before this particular station closes for the night.  The trip up MT-49 and MT-89 was wild.  There were all sorts of odd mountainous formations on the horizon.

The border agent reviewed our passports and asked the typical questions. Then he said, “Alright, everything looks good. May I ask…What did you do to your car?” He wasn’t asking about the VO system, but rather it condition was pretty unpleasant. And the funny thing, it looked much worse just hours before this—this image is the condition of the Jetta prior to the rain. 🙂

The agent asked Glenn, “What deserts did you drive through?”

Glenn thought for a moment, and replied, “All of them… I think.”