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Jesse James Birthplace near Kearney MO

Jesse James Birthplace near Kearney MO

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  • Date Posted: Jun 22, 2010
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Kearney, MO. 3-ish. Tues 
Jesse James’ ranch. It’s a lot more lush and less desert-like than Hollywood would have you think. You could drop bank for the 1-hour “tour” or just wander around the premises with a thumb up your butt. We chose the latter.

After the ranch visit, we were informed of the grist mill nearby. It’s a landmark designed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, so naturally we couldn’t contain our excitement. If the ASME says “jump,” you say “affirmative.” Actually, the mill was pretty nice. The grounds are quite expansive, encompassing the owner’s house and various other structures nearby the mill itself.