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Victoria Prince Edward Island

Victoria Prince Edward Island

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  • Date Posted: Jul 19, 2015
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After crossing the biggest bridge in history, we stopped at their nifty visitors center in PEI.  They suggested we stop in Victoria on the way to Charlottestown, the capital.

Victoria was a nice place to stop.  Kinda touristy and kinda boomer-targeted.  The natives told us to try “cold lobster,” which is just boiled lobster that is chilled.  You still eat it with butter and whatnot, it’s just cold.  I didn’t really get how this was so good.  Anyway, I’m a crab guy anyway.

Victoria has a long pier where old couples go to make out.  We ruined their fun by smelling like farts.

Apparently Glenn’s butt was so smelly, this couple tried to kayak up wind.

Nearby, there was a decorative lighthouse.  Quaint.  On to the capital.