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Albert Lea Minnesota

Albert Lea Minnesota

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  • Date Posted: Apr 22, 2006
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8:31am GN.  453 Trip Meter Reading (275 Miles driven).  ALbert Lea, MN, near the Minnesota/Iowa border.

On a Saturday morning in rural Minnesota, there is little traffic or commotion.  We figured we were low on veg (our fuel gauges had a broken the night before, so the whole trip will be a guessing game on how much fuel is left in the tank).  So we pulled off in Albert Lea and entered the bay at a local Shell station.

As a side note, we vowed that for the entire journey, we would only fill our VO tank at gas stations, preferably in the fuel bays to get maximum exposure.  It seemed rather worthless because there was NO ONE there. Except a station attendant. And I’m sure she didn’t care.

In mid-pour, a kid in a white van pulled up and a passenger stormed off into the Shell station.  The driver was transfixed by our activities and promptly asked what our car used for fuel.

After some discussion he approved and others approached the car as we got a pre-packaged, preservative-enriched breakfast.  Our first stop, and we already got a positive reaction.

Already entering Iowa by 9am: