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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

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  • Date Posted: Jul 14, 2013
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Another South Dakota site we’ve visited over and over and over is Mount Rushmore.  It never really gets old.

In 2013, it happened to be raining so we rushed out of the van to the patio.  I think the rain lead to decreased visitors, which was good because we were here in the heart of the summer tourist season.

In 2015, we stopped here to see the monument at night.  We were driving through with some family friends hitching a ride with us to Los Angeles, and it happened to be really late by the time we got to Wall Drug.  I didn’t realize they have a night-show at Mount Rushmore, so we “rushed” to the monument to get a good spot.

I don’t have the pictures from that day.  Bummer.  It was really cool, but they are lost in the digital ether.  We left to drive through the night to get to Yellowstone before the morning.