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Winnemucca Nevada

Winnemucca Nevada

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  • Date Posted: Jul 1, 2010
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We cruised down State Highway 95 (again, seemed like we had been on highway “95’s” since Jasper BC) in the brutal desert heat of July.  At one point, our veggie oil temp gauge was showing over 250 deg F!  That means our system was getting really hot, and the outside air might have been over 108 deg in the sun.

I think this highway has a crew of snowplows for the drifts of sand.  There were dunes everywhere.

We got into Winnemucca mid-afternoon.  There is a park in downtown showing heavy timbers and displays talking about how they are a conduit to the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a long traveled path, dating back centuries.

Onward to the Singing Dunes.