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Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station in Cloquet, Minnesota

Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station in Cloquet, Minnesota

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  • Date Posted: Jul 9, 2021
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One thing I know Glenn really really really likes is the architect Franklin Wright.  He always gets quiet with what some misconstrue as rage every time I book a visit for his favorite architectural historical spots.  He rarely even speaks to me about this other than to mutter what I assume to be comment of utter respect for the genius.

This trip was special because we got to find a FLW gas station.  Not only that, but the only FLW gas station still in use today.

Our vehicles run on WVO, so we won’t be filling up the tank today.  But we decided to stop off and see the building.

Much to our surprise, the owner let us up into the top, where there was a small lookout tower and couple of restrooms.  Some woman got stranded in the bathroom because Glenn messed up the lock.  Also, he destroyed it with his butthole.

Frank did have a cool idea with the gas station.  He originally wanted the pumps to be dangled from the overhang, so there wouldn’t be any kiosks or stands in the path of the vehicles.  Kind of a neat idea, except the dummies at the city planning dept put the kibash on that little ditty.