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Penticton British Columbia

Penticton British Columbia

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  • Date Posted: Jul 11, 2012
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We cruised down Route 5 from Kamloops passed Walloper Lake to Penticton.

As we pulled into town, we noticed something odd about the wheels.  Turns out the tire that we had replaced in Socorro New Mexico on this trip, failed.  Since Penticton is tiny, there wasn’t much for auto shops.  So we had to resort to our worst favorite place in all of Canada:  the dreaded Canadian Tire.  This was the first time we ever went to the Canadian Tire for an actual tire.  Usually we go there to buy useless crap that is worse than anything found at Harbor Freight.  One of Glenn’s infamous quotes is “the only good thing about going to Canadian Tire is to ask someone where there is a REAL auto parts store.”

While we waited for the tire replacement, there was a poutine stand in the parking lot.  They also sold sausages.  This is what I’m talking about.

We headed south to the border.  This would conclude our time in Canada for the 2012 WVO Roadtrip.