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Crossing into the Northwest Territories

Crossing into the Northwest Territories

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  • Date Posted: Jun 21, 2013
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Things are so remote up here, that I’m genuinely surprised there was a sign, let alone such a massive monument to the crossing of the 60th parallel.

What’s even more astonishing is, there was a visitor’s center up here.  Now it’s common knowledge that every Canadian town and provincial border crossing has a well stocked visitor center.  What I didn’t expect is one way the hell up here.  After the border sign, there is a tiny house and plot of land.  There is a playground (for the nonexistent kids traveling around here), and the house has a visitors center and tiny museum.   And even more astonishing is there was a human working there.  I think we were the first to stop in there in days.  He talked our ears off.

He also recommended we visit the nearby Alexandria Falls.  He mentioned it was a moderate waterfall, but holy balls.  It was massive.

Also, we asked the ranger about the condition of the severely-remote MacKenzie Hwy.  By driving the MacKenzie from Yellowknife to the Alcan Hwy, it is a short-cut that will save us two full days of driving.  However, it is a one-lane gravel (and dirt) road.  We asked the ranger if our van could make it.  Since 2013 happened to be exceptionally dry, he figured our tires would make it.  It would be a huge gamble, and hopefully his advice would pay off.