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High Level Alberta

High Level Alberta

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  • Date Posted: Jun 21, 2013
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After encountering some surly drunkards on a remote part of the highway, we continued north into the afternoon.

The area south of High Level is really flat and open.

At some point, we needed to fill up on the side of the road.  We pulled off on a gravel side road, and set up the cameras.

After a few minutes, a car pulled up, and checked us out.  The driver asked us what were were doing.  When she realized we had a biofuel van, she was really intrigued.  She hung out for a while and even inspected the inside of the van.  Her name was Evania and we kept in touch in the future.

Later that year, I contacted her on Facebook and she said she had been tempted to join us on our adventure to the Arctic.  We had space, so she would have been welcome to join us.  But she had a kid to watch over, so she made the right choice.