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Sprague Manitoba

Sprague Manitoba

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  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2019
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Our border crossing went nice and quick.  Finally.  The last few years have been a bear trying to cross, because we would get stopped and searched a lot.  Maybe after 13 straight years of crossing into Canada without any drugs, guns, or other stuff, they finally gave us the benefit of the doubt.

Passing through the tiny town of Sprague on the way to the Northwest Angle.

Lots of Canadian flags.  We usually see these when it’s closer to Canada Day, but this trip was atypical: this was our first WVO roadtrip in August instead of June or July.

Also this trip had some odd border crossings.  Even though we are in Canada, we are trying to get to the Northwest Angle, which is the northernmost part of the continental U.S. and also only accessible from Canada or boat.