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Hopland California and 2008 Wildfires

Hopland California and 2008 Wildfires

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  • Date Posted: Jul 10, 2008
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Hopland, California. 185444. 11pm Thursday.
Added one cube. We wanted to take a mountain road to get us off of the windy 101 (to take the flat and straight I-5), but there were some really bad wildfires. They had LED signs stating that our access road would have fires and debris on the road surface. So we continued on the 101 for several hours until we drove through San Francisco. The fires were so bad that the moon shined blood red.

Los Banos, California. 185658. 2am Friday.
Ran out of VO. I always keep a half cube of SVO in case of emergencies, so we used part of it to keep some veg up against one side of my supply Hydraforce valve. We are still a few hundred miles away from LA, but it seemed ok to burn a little dino to make it before the morning rush.

Los Angeles, California. 185944. 7:15am Friday, July 11, 2008.
FINISHED! Thank God it’s done! Thank you to everyone to contributed and helped us on the way. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Total Miles Driven: 8934 miles (14378 km)
Total VO: 170 gallons (644 liters)
Total Diesel: about 28 gallons (106 liters)
Average mileage: 45.1 mpg (19.2 kpl)
Total Duration: 13.26 days
Average miles-per-day: 673.7 miles (1084 km)
Average velocity (including rest): 28.1 miles per hour (45.2 km per hour)
Monetary savings with VO (assuming US$4.99 per gallon Diesel): US$847.68

Quote for the Trip: “A Montanan would say that is 90% good road. A pessimist would say that road is 10% washed out.”