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Pacific Ocean in Northern California

Pacific Ocean in Northern California

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  • Date Posted: Jul 10, 2008
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Pacific Ocean in Northern California. 7:30pm Thursday.
We decided rather than finding a hotel room in the area, we would skip the visit to San Francisco. We were supposed to visit Mike in the city to pick up a few cubes, but we didn’t want to bother him at such a late hour. With our math, we wouldn’t make it to SF until 1am.
Also, we’ve already been to SF on a previous road trip, and even though there are many things to see there, we were too beat. If we pushed thru the evening, we could possibly make it to Los Angeles before the Friday rush hour.

Sunset on the Pacific. 9pm Thursday.
A fitting image to end our journey. We are still several hours from home, but we were able to capture this shot of the sun meeting the horizon.