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Logging Route 1055 in Quebec, Waswanipi, & Chapais

Logging Route 1055 in Quebec, Waswanipi, & Chapais

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  • Date Posted: Jul 13, 2015
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After the storm near Relais and Eastmain on the James Bay Road, we decided to park the van at the Relais checkpoint until the storm cleared up. After a rough night sleeping in the van in a thunder and hail storm, we hit the road.  We got down to the checkpoint at Matagami to tell the ranger that we made it back alive.  In the checkpoint office, we got a picture of a logging road map that could be a good shortcut to Waswanipi that is the route we are taking across northern Quebec.

What we didn’t realize was, just how REMOTE this road system was.  No signs, no lanes, no nothing.  Just a one-lane gravel road system that the loggers use to ship their products down south.

If we encountered a logging truck, it took up most of the gravel road.

At one point, we were driving on some random road in the bush, and we came across a grouping of workers near a pickup.  They looked at us as if we were aliens. I suspect they almost never get any public traffic on these roads.

While Glenn drove, I cooked up some microwavable meals since it was getting late for lunchtime, and we don’t expect any restaurants in the next dozen hours.

Eventually we found our way to Waswanipi Quebec.  We ended up having an overdrive problem, but it was fixed with some simple wiring fixes on the side of the road.

We also kept on trucking through the town of Chapais.  No time to hang out… we were behind schedule, and we still need to get to Labrador and Newfoundland asap!

If we keep going, we plan to make it up to Lac Saint-Jean by late dinner.  Our goal is to get on the Labrador Highway by tomorrow.