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Whitehorse Yukon

Whitehorse Yukon

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  • Date Posted: Jul 1, 2013
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We’ve been to Whitehorse over six times now. It’s one of our favorite towns on the planet.

We visited Whitehorse in 2008 when we drove the Jetta up. That’s where we met Skeeter and Mike who hooked us up with some clean grease.

From our 2008 travel log:

  • Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. 180918. 2:45pm Thursday.
    Let me just say, Whitehorse rocks! We were planning on getting in Whitehorse around 5pm, but we made some good time. There was only one 30-some mile stretch before Watson Lake that was rather circuitous, but the rest was smooth-going. We got a hold of Skeeter and Mike and discussed the trip and other VO topics. Mike hooked us up for the trip thru Alaska and Skeeter committed to some cubes for the journey back to Seattle. The town is quite small and you can walk the whole place in an hour or less. The main drag (2nd and Main St) has many shops and restaurants. We ate caribou burger and halibut and chips at Klondike Ribs & Salmon BBQ and which was tight. And the scenery was great.

Then in 2013, we returned to Whitehorse on our southbound trip from Dawson.

We pulled into town from the north end, and contacted Mike and Skeeter to meet up again.

We got a bite to eat with Skeeter at Klondike’s again, and had some Caribou burgers and fish.  It happened to be Canada Day, and there was a parade going on outside.  It’s nice to see civilization again after all these days of driving in the wilderness.

We also spent a few hours at the Yukon Transportation Museum checking out their exhibits.

We told Skeeter we are going to take the Cassair Highway south to the states.  It’s the only alternative to the Alaska Highway, and it runs parallel near the pacific coast.  And it meanders throughout the British Columbia Rockies.

We also visited Whitehorse again in 2018.

We met up with Skeeter and Mike again.  This time we stopped in on the way up north to Tuktoyaktuk.  We unloaded our van to make sure our vehicle didn’t have too much weight in it.  We read the Dempster highway had some weight restrictions due to recent washouts and construction on the road.  So unloading was a prudent thing, and we could reinsert all those cubes when we headed back south.  Also, Mike and Skeeter donated some more cubes for our trip back to Wisconsin.  We stopped off and got a bite to eat with them at the A&W in town.  Once again, we are eternally grateful to those guys for all their help over the years.

There’s a pic of the mastodon sculptures north of town.