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Cochrane ON and HWY 652 into the Wilderness

Cochrane ON and HWY 652 into the Wilderness

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  • Date Posted: Jul 11, 2015
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Glenn and I decided to take a mild risk once we got to Cochrane ON.  Instead of detouring around a few hundred kilometers to the south, we elected to take a “shortcut” through some logging roads near Highway 652.  At first, it seemed to be ok.

Then the signs and markers started getting pretty small and infrequent.  It wasn’t a good place to get lost.  There wasn’t anyone on this roadway for the duration of our travel.

Then the road and bridges started getting VERY sketchy.  In fact, we got to some bridges where we had to stop, calculate our veggie oil load + vehicle weight, and cross our fingers that the bridge wouldn’t collapse into the ravine.

After what felt like an eternity, we got to the Quebec border, near La Reine.  Yippie.  I get to use my French finally!