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Entering the Northwest Angle

Entering the Northwest Angle

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  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2019
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There were signs for local events everywhere.  We were running out of time, so we didn’t have a chance to hang out for any of this stuff.

Getting closer.

We didn’t film the border.  After the infamous border incident of 2012, we never film the border.  We didn’t want to get droned by some menopausal ornery middle manager who wanted to flaunt her minuscule power.

So we shut down all the equipment and made the crossing.


Red Lake Nation!

The Northwest Angle has two “settlements” if you can call them that.  The Angle Inlet is on the west side of the county, and Youngs Bay is on the east end.  We decided to head over to the west end, because we were lazy and just wanted to get to the closest place asap.