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Aitkin, Minnesota

Aitkin, Minnesota

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  • Date Posted: Jul 8, 2021
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We weren’t even going to stop in Aitkin, except Glenn found an “Unclaimed Freight” store and thought he might have a source for a crate of double-headed dildos.  He forced me to stop immediately, and turn into the lot.  Sadly, the store didn’t have any bulk quantity items at a discounted rate for him.

He decided to drive for a while to make up some ground.

Next thing we see are a bunch of dirty hippies protesting at the city hall in Aitkin.  They don’t want Lines.

They love their water protectors.  And Wild Rice too.

Sweet deer costume.  I’d put that away in November though, you don’t want to be around the blaze-orange drunk types.

Another crossing of the Mississippi River.  It’s getting smaller.