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Oops! No Self-Service Diesel in Ontario.

Oops! No Self-Service Diesel in Ontario.

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  • Date Posted: Jul 4, 2009
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Since we were having some issues with the fuel system, we thought it might be prudent to fill up the Diesel tank just in case we get stranded with the veggie oil tank.  We pulled over at a typical THC gas station and started pumping fuel.  A bunch of Canadians ran over to inform us that it’s illegal to pump our own fuel.  LOL.  We were already done by the time the staff came out to transfer our fuel.

270385. west of Sault Ste Marie. 10:00am Saturday.

Dispute was made over the missing beef sticks. It is evident that Glenn ate them and is blaming Nick for their absence.

270387. 10:05am Saturday.

Beef sticks found under seat.

270502. Webbwood, ON. 11:30am Saturday.

Added 11.4 gallons of Diesel.

Sudden noticeable loss in boost (while driving and on gauges). Found the pump to be non-responsive and extremely hot. Also, it wasn’t a fuse/electrical issue. We’ll drive in “safe mode” to Sudbury to find a new pump.