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Inco Superstack and “Dynamic North” in Sudbury

Inco Superstack and “Dynamic North” in Sudbury

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  • Date Posted: Jul 4, 2009
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270558. Sudbury, ON. 12:55pm Saturday

We stopped off at the museum Dynamic North to check out their mine tour. We had a good view of the Inco Superstack (second tallest structure in Canada, just under the CN Tower) and that crazy two-story nickel.

Sudbury is the nickel mining capital of Canada or Ontario or the world or something.  I don’t remember.  They have a massive 2-story nickel out front of the Dynamic North science center.

All jokes aside, the Dynamic North mine tour is pretty spectacular.  It’s an actual former mine shaft, and you get to take an interactive elevator down to the bottom.  We had a few kids on the tour that thought it was boring, but I can’t understand why they were bored.  It was fascinating.


270568. Leaving Sudbury, ON. 4:00pm Saturday.

Heading out of Sudbury, we stopped off at a home supply store to see if we could rig up something to cool the pump. We found some flexible plastic hosing that could suck air from outside the car. It’s a makeshift solution, but should get us around