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Fisherman’s Wharf Park in Victoria British Columbia

Fisherman’s Wharf Park in Victoria British Columbia

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  • Date Posted: Aug 22, 2019
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We still had an hour to kill prior to our departure for the ferry to the United States, so we went to the Wharf.  Some of the people we met at the Mile 0 Monument recommended this place.

It’s a bunch of floating houses, timeshares, and restaurants on the “harbour.”  And about a gazillion tourists.

Nearby are a bunch of ritzy houseboats and yachts.

I was kind of hoping for some kind of aboriginal fusion or exotic food, but this place kind of caters to the average tourist visiting Canada.  We got some fish and chips at Barb’s, and then some ice cream because we couldn’t find any poutine.  What a gyp!

Now that we stuffed our bellies with mountains of Canadian food and gained over 20 lbs, it was time to head to the ferry back home.

Since this was an international border crossing, we had to get to the dock 90 minutes early for inspection.