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Channel-Port Aux Basques

Channel-Port Aux Basques

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  • Date Posted: Jul 18, 2015
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Channel Port Aux Basques is a tiny town on the southern tip of Newfoundland that has a major ferry port back to the Canadian mainland.  We drove through the night from St John’s only to arrive in CPAB at around 4am.  Naturally, like most typical Canadian small towns, there is nothing open at that hour, except for the trusty Tim Hortons.  So we hung out at the TH for a few hours.

We used the Tim Hortons wifi to book our tickets.  Unlike the small ferry from Blanc Sablon to St Barbe, the CPAB ferry is massive like a cruise ship.  A standard ticket for the ferry is cheap, but you don’t get a dedicated seat.  So we elected to reserve some business class seats in the upper deck, so we could relax for the 6-hour boat ride.  We never had a hotel room since the stay at Lans Aux Meadows, so maybe a recliner would be the next best thing.

After a few hours of Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches, we trekked down to the ferry.  pretty spiffy.

The auto bay was massive.  They strapped the wheels down to the deck and we headed up stairs.

We got some good seats with a great view of the town.

An now, we can finally get some sleep.