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Port Aux Basques Ferry

Port Aux Basques Ferry

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  • Date Posted: Jul 18, 2015
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The ferry from Sydney Nova Scotia to Channel-Port Aux Basques connects the Canadian mainland to Newfoundland.  It takes about six hours to cross.

The particular day we set sail was exceptionally cold, windy, and stormy.  Even though we were loving these plush seats, we were in for a Nor’easter.

The top level had some nice amenities but few opted to pay for the extra cost to get into the business class.  There was an even better premium class above, but god knows how expensive that must have been.

The wind created some decent swells.  Even though we were on the third floor, water would crash onto the deck and splash our windows.   The waves made walking around the boat really difficult and sickening.  At one point I went out to take some pictures, but it made me seasick to stagger around.  I elected to stay seated for the duration of the ferry ride.