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Barrage Daniel Johnson and Motel

Barrage Daniel Johnson and Motel

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  • Date Posted: Jul 14, 2015
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As we drove up the Labrador Hwy, our GPS was telling us to barrage Daniel Johnson in a few hundred miles.  Kind of funny, because I know a guy named Daniel Johnson.  He (as well as Glenn) went to my wedding.  So we were truly intrigued how we were going to barrage him.

Just before we got to see how we’ll barrage him, we stopped in on one of the very few places along the Labrador Hwy: the Motel De L’Energie.  This is an outpost for anyone who wants to take a break on this roadway, or if they brake down and need a place to stay. There is also a small restaurant and gift shop.  We weren’t hungry, so we pressed on.

Then soon after, we found out about the barrage.  I guess “barrage” is the French word for “dam.”  LOL.  Once we got to Labrador City, I posted a picture of our GPS to the real Daniel Johnson.