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Flat Tire near Ice Cut Sign

Flat Tire near Ice Cut Sign

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  • Date Posted: Jun 24, 2013
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They recommend you take two full size spare tires when driving the Dalton Highway.  The roadway is comprised of broken up pieces of rock and shale found from the area.  These local rocks can easily shred regular tires.  I had just replaced my tires with brand new Michelins, and with only 7000 miles on them, the rear passenger tire blew on the Dalton.  I didn’t really notice it was flat, because the road is so bumpy and gravely.  I probably drove for five miles on that flat before I really noticed the van being really squirrely.  I woke up Glenn and told him to check the tires on his side, and he hung his head out the window to check stuff out. Sure enough, the tire was messed up.  We pulled over by a sign saying Ice Cut, whatever that was, because there was a small gravel turnout to work in.  We probably spent an hour there doing the job.  There are no trees around here on the north slope, so it was mainly just shrugs, mosses, and grasses.  And mosquitoes, hence the bug netting.

We actually packed 3 spare tires, just in case we had several blow out on us.  Always repaired.