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Dalton Highway south of Deadhorse.

Dalton Highway south of Deadhorse.

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  • Date Posted: Jun 24, 2013
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Eventually, you get so far north that it’s just road, pipeline, bogs, and grasses.  It’s almost like an alien landscape.  It’s almost like being on the moon.

Near the Sag River we saw a herd of muskoxen trudging up to the ocean.  The locals said they migrate in the summer to get away from the mosquitoes.  I can understand their urgency.  Basically from Coldfoot to here, if we had to pull over to fill up the grease or take a leak, we would put on long sleeve shirts and pants, gloves, and head netting.  Glenn, who had a skin-head look at the time, had so many mosquitoes hovering his head netting, that they would bite through the top fabric into his scalp.  We used 3 bottles of Afterbite on this trip.