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Baie Comeau Quebec (Starting Labrador Hwy)

Baie Comeau Quebec (Starting Labrador Hwy)

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  • Date Posted: Jul 14, 2015
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This was getting to be a long drive.  The last place we had a hotel room was Thunder Bay, and we drove up to Wemindji, Matagami, and now Baie Comeau.  Aside from a few lousy thunderstorming hours of rest in the van in Relais checkpoint, we hadn’t gotten much decent rest.

We drove through Saguenay and got to the St Lawrence Seaway.

While it was a little dark, we pulled off in an abandoned lot to fill up our grease in the early morning, and rested for an hour or so.

As the sun rose, we entered the tiny town of Baie Comeau on the coast of Quebec.  This is the start of the Labrador highway, which is a gravel road that is hundreds and hundreds of miles long to Labrador City and Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

As with all French signs, we had to chuckle.

When you get to the Labrador Hwy entrance, they have a sign explaining where the roadway is closed.  There is no guarantee the gravel road will be open.  In fact, it commonly is closed due to washouts and other bad conditions.