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Nanaimo British Columbia

Nanaimo British Columbia

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  • Date Posted: Aug 22, 2019
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We ended up in Nanaimo twice on this 2019 WVO Roadtrip.

First, we landed here on the ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to here.  The captain was a surgeon.  He somehow got this massive ferry in that tiny bay.

We rushed down to the auto bay and hung out near the Frankenvan till it was time to drive out.

Driving out of town on our way to Port Hardy.  No time to dilly dally.

The second time we passed through here, we were on our way south from Campbell River to Victoria.  Traffic was starting to get bad, so it was good that we got an early start.

Heading southbound.


The drive from Nanaimo to Victoria is the last tiny bit of the THC that we still hadn’t finished.  In St John’s Newfoundland, we got to visit their “Mile 1” Landmark, marking the first mile of the THC.  Well, now we can drive to the last mile of the THC.  (Spoiler alert:  Turns out the last mile is “Mile Zero.”  WTF?  Is this some kind of metric mileage?)