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Gordy’s Hi Hat in Cloquet, Minnesota

Gordy’s Hi Hat in Cloquet, Minnesota

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  • Date Posted: Jul 9, 2021
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Upon entering Cloquet, Glenn contacted a coworker who was actually from this town, and inquired on where was the best place to eat.  This dude recommended Gordy’s Hi Hat, a local burger/hot dog place.  We drove passed and there were something like 14,000 people in line, so we drove over to the nearby FLW gas station to kill some time.

Well, that killed like 7 minutes so we returned to see now there are maybe 17,050 people in line.  Maybe it’s a good sign that the food will be decent since apparently all the people from Carlton County are eating here today.

The food arrived, and it was comparable to Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood.  OK.  But not really worth waiting in line for an hour.

Regardless, our fat-asses ate up all that junkfood faster than a pig in mammies titties.

Look at Glenn, drinking a freaking milkshake with his food.  Sheesh.