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Fort Carlton – Touchwood Trail Marker

Fort Carlton – Touchwood Trail Marker

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  • Date Posted: Jun 27, 2010
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Our location on Google Maps isn’t correct, because we couldn’t find the longitude and latitude from the image, but this is a decent estimation.

On the way to Saskatoon, SK.
The Yellowhead is basically just a two-lane county road called a highway. And the traffic is predominately semis and late-nineties Crown Vic’s. It get’s pretty dry and the radio reception is negligible. At least the gaps in reception are less than the trip on the Alcan Hwy, but it’s still annoying to have nothing to listen to. So to break up the long stretches, they put dozens of these “Historical Markers” all over the place. These are good places to add a cube too, if necessary.

If you are interested in a higher quality image of this marker, please contact us.  I can dig out the original raw photo and decipher the text for you.