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Prince Rupert British Columbia

Prince Rupert British Columbia

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  • Date Posted: Jul 2, 2013
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The end of the road westward on the Yellowhead is the city of Prince Rupert.  You have to navigate some massive mountains and valleys to get there, but since the Yellowhead is paved and highly managed.

This is a pretty decent sized town, because it services the Marine Highway.  Lots of tourists come in when the cruise ships dock here.

We took the opportunity to replenish our food, parts, and other supplies.  We hadn’t been to a regular supermarket since our stop in Fairbanks.

We stayed the night at the Moby Dick Inn.  The last time we slept in beds and got a shower was in Prudhoe Bay Alaska, about 4 or 5 days ago.  Also, after driving for two weeks, we needed a crankcase oil change.  Lots to do to get the van in working order.  We also ordered a pizza delivered.  Canada has a weird type of pepperoni… it’s more like salami.

The next day we went down to the Pacific Ocean and did some touristy stuff.  We visited the Museum of Northern British Columbia and ate at a nearby restaurant.

While we were eating and looking out on the harbor, we both looked beat.

We discussed the remainder of the trip.  It was a 4-day drive from Prince Rupert to Wisconsin.  We both just resigned to the fact that we accomplished a lot already, and maybe it was time to wrap it up.  So we headed east along the Yellowhead Highway onward to Wisconsin.