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Between Medicine Hat and Strathmore

Between Medicine Hat and Strathmore

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  • Date Posted: Jul 10, 2012
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The night before, we contemplated how best to tackle the THC drive to Vancouver.  We could find a hotel, or drive through the night.  Just before sunset, we filled up the veggie tank, and started the long drive across Saskatchewan.

We passed through Swift Current in the middle of the night.  No sense in stopping unless we had to fill up or fix some mechanical issue.

By sunrise, we were in the Medicine Hat area.

The hills and fields of Alberta are amazing.  There are few trees and it’s a really foreign place.

As we approached Strathmore Alberta, more farms took advantage of the flatter topography.  Glenn was getting hungry (as usual) and wanted to get to Calgary asap.  We had plans to visit the Olympic village.