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Edson Alberta

Edson Alberta

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  • Date Posted: Jul 4, 2013
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We’ve stayed in Edson in 2010 and found a hotel.  We assumed that a hotel here would be much cheaper than finding a hotel in the mountain towns near Jasper.  It was, but marginally.  Like most of Canada, there is very little sprawl.  That means unlike the U.S. where good hotels are outside of town, most of the cheaper lodging is located near the city center.  In hindsight, the cheapest option would have been to find a hotel near the Edmonton airport, and got up early to make the drive to Jasper.

From the 2010 log:

  • Edson, AB. 206165. 10:23am Sun.
    Added 1.5 cubes. Nice hotel-we stayed in the Park A Motel. Finally we found a nice place to stay. It was clean, large, and not scary as hell. It’s right off the main drag as you roll into town, so waste your time (like we did) driving around comparing prices. You won’t find a better deal.
    The road from Lloydmeister to Edson was clouding up. By the time we roll into Edmonton, the rain was coming down hard. Another major storm on the trip. “

East of Edson was probably the highest latitude that we drove thru on the 2010 WVO Roadtrip. (53.6°)  As we checked out the local A&W, Glenn thought $349 for a set of twins was a reasonable price for hookers.

Also, we cruised through Edson in 2013 on the Prince Rupert drive.  It was between meal times, so we pushed on to Edmonton.