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Laird Hot Springs

Laird Hot Springs

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  • Date Posted: Jun 22, 2013
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We’ve been to Laird Hot Springs in 2008 and 2013.  We could have stopped in 2018, but both our drives north and south put us at a time that meant the springs was closed.

Laird Hot Springs is a MUST stop on the Alcan Highway.  After sitting in a car for a few thousand kilometers, you need some time to relax, stretch the muscles, warm the body, and get comfortable.

When we did the first Alaska WVO Roadtrip in 2008, my aunt informed me about this wonderful place.  She and her husband used to come up here when they were dogsledders in the 80’s.  They would drive up with their dogs and stop here to take a break.

So we pulled off the Alcan and got in the hot spring.  It’s great.

From our 2008 WVO Travel Log:

  • Laird Hot Springs, British Columbia. 5pm Sunday.
    We got to test out the hot springs, but forgot the camera. The springs was great, but a little too hot, especially since it was quite a humid and hot summer day. Also fortunately, it wasn’t very packed, but I suppose on a weekday, it’s typically less dense. Everyone who suggested this was right—the Laird Hot Springs is a must-do on the Alaskan Hwy.

Back in 2008, the facility wasn’t much.  Just a wooden walkway and some dock.

Contrast that to the 2013 WVO roadtrip, and the Canadian government has made some plush improvements.  Changing rooms, wooden patios, and all sorts of spiffy stuff.

We blew an afternoon relaxing here.  If it wasn’t for the fact that we had to make some miles as soon as possible, we’d probably still be there.