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Downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Winnipeg

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  • Date Posted: Jul 9, 2012
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Winnipeg is swaddled in a blanket of farmland.  Unlike most American cities, Canadian cities have very little sprawl.  We’ve visited the Peg so many times, starting in 2010, and almost every year till present day.

In 2012:

This is really cool, and you can be driving in a place like this,

and within a few minutes, be eating at a restaurant in The Forks (in downtown Winnipeg).  Whenever we visit this place, we usually stop by The Forks to check out the town.  It’s a community place, it’s open all the time, and there are lots of shops and places to eat.  It’s just nice to get out of the car, and fill our guts with more fucking food.

In 2010:

Five miles west of the Peg, Manitoba. 205226. 8:03pm Sat.

After hitting up Lower Fort Garry, we were told to visit the Forks district. I guess it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that awesome either. It was just a bunch of shops and places for Canadian posers can figure out ways of justifying the time they wasted on their skateboards. They even had some sort of event where a flock of wallflowers showed off their skateboard moves. The announcer was really hardcore when he continually remarked after every trick with “Oh my gosh.” Canada.

From Winnipeg to Yorkton. Sat.
We ran into some storms and showers for the duration of the trip to Yorkton. We were stuck in the Forks for an extra hour because of a major downpour in the city. After grabbing some sushi, we set up to run the two blocks to our car in the rain. No biggie. On the way out of the restaurant, the owner insisted that we use her umbrella to get to our car. She was rather insistent, but we maintained that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Just outside the restaurant under a canopy, we got ready to sprint over to the car, and another woman insisted that we take her umbrella. It was getting a bit weird. She said she trusted us to bring the umbrella back. After being barraged with Canadian kindness, we relented and took an umbrella. Crazy.

More on the way to Yorkton, SK
The clouds would open up occasionally. It was strange, because the clouds formed so close to the ground.