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Miller’s Bar in Dearborn

Miller’s Bar in Dearborn

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  • Date Posted: Jul 1, 2011
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Before all of these WVO Roadtrips, we always research all the supposed best places to eat along our path.  One of the places usually ranked in the top ten of burgers in the country is Miller’s Bar.  It’s near Detroit in the town of Dearborn, and looks kind of like a timewarp from 1971.

The staff was really nice, and we got to meet the owner.  We mentioned we were excited to try one of these nationally ranked burgers, and the owner really played up how good they were.  Setting the bar high I guess.

Eventually the burgers arrived.  Nothing really special, just a few burgers with typical toppings.  It wasn’t seasoned particularly well.  It was just like a burger you would make at home.

At the end of the meal, they had a really relaxed way to pay, which was different than most bars.  But in the end, I wasn’t that impressed.  For them and the critics to praise this place only bolstered our expectations, which fell very flat when we encountered the average food.  What the food doesn’t win over, the staff makes up for.  They were really amazing and friendly.