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Manitowoc to Ludington – SS Badger Ferry

Manitowoc to Ludington – SS Badger Ferry

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  • Date Posted: Jul 1, 2011
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Yay! Kicking off the 2011 WVO Roadtrip with a unique departure from Wisconsin.  This time, instead of driving to Thunder Bay, or the U.P., or through Chicago or to the south, we decided to take the SS Badger Ferry to Michigan.  This ferry travels from Manitowoc Wisconsin to Ludington Michigan.

It takes about 6 or 7 hours to traverse Lake Michigan.  Granted, we could have just driven around via Chicago in the same amount of time, but these trips are about making new experiences and why the hell not take a ferry.

We should send a huge thank you to SS Badger for complimentary tickets for this passage.  They are a stand up crew.  Also, this boat is one of the few left that still run on coal.  At least that’s what we heard.

We took the overnight ride and found a place to sleep on the deck.  It was kind of dewy and cold, but at least we weren’t driving.  Eventually we got to Ludington in the morning, and the crew drove our overloaded veggie Passat off the ferry.  The underside and license plate was mashed up, but it still ran.