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Twin Falls Idaho

Twin Falls Idaho

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  • Date Posted: Jul 13, 2012
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Twin Falls is one of our favorite places in America.  It’s great little town, and has a lot of resources.  Also, they have a good main drag with lots of good people.

In 2012, we got in really late, so we found a parking lot to rest our eyes for a bit.  If we could catch a few Z’s, then we’d be refreshed to push on to Reno in the morning.

The skies were gloomy and we had a slight rain in the night.  Since it was sprinkling, we filled up our veggie tank under an abandoned gas station canopy.  We can’t let any water get in our fuel system.  We headed southbound from Idaho Falls to more sights on the horizon.

I remember there was this odd traffic jam in the middle of the desert.  Something like a few hundred cars stopped up on State Road 74.  Crazy.  A lot of truckers were pissed.