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Kamloops British Columbia

Kamloops British Columbia

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  • Date Posted: Aug 20, 2019
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Time was slipping away from us.  We left Lethbridge at sunrise to put on some major miles today (because we lost a day from hitting that deer near Moose Jaw) and it was taking a lot longer than expected to get to our hotel in Cache Creek.  We could have saved ourselves some hours by taking the THC all the way through Calgary, but we wanted to take a different route across the Rockies than the previous years.  That’s why we were on the Crowsnest Hwy for so long.  But now that we approach Kamloops, we are returning to the THC.

We’ve been to Kamloops twice before, but don’t have any photos of this place.  I’m not sure why.  It must be somewhat unmemorable.

On all of our previous trips across the THC or Yellowhead, we somehow missed this stretch of the THC between Kamloops and Cache Creek and Hope.  Part of the point of the 2019 WVO Roadtrip is to make up for this missed segment.

Off to Cache Creek.

We’ve taken the bigger highway to Vancouver in the past and never really realized that the TCH is actually the smaller highway on the right.  Kind of odd.  Why don’t they just make Hwy 5 the TCH?

Kamloops Lake at sunset!

Kind of surreal.  The lakes up here are amazing, yet there are no lake houses or cabins up here.  Canada is weird.  If this was America, there would be 1000 starbucks and mcdonalds up here ruining the splendid view.

We are running out of grease and need to fill up before it gets dark.  You don’t want to be stuck in the dark in deer country or bear country.