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Rosie’s On River Street in Moose Jaw

Rosie’s On River Street in Moose Jaw

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  • Date Posted: Aug 18, 2019
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After visiting the Western Development Museum, we got some recommendations to get food in town.  We ended at Rosie’s, which has typical American Canadian food.  I was hoping to get a bison burger or some kind of exotic First Nation thing, but instead, we settled for normal food.

The inside was full of hipsters that smelled like B.O. and urinal cakes, so we went outside.  It was pleasant out.  Maybe we should be doing more trips in August, because in July, we usually have a lot of heat and humidity.

I got the fish and chips and it was pretty decent.  I can’t remember what Glenn got.  Probably something huge.  He can really put down a huge dark sausage.

We had a few minutes to walk around town before it got dark and we drive to the Rockies through the night.