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Wyoming State Penitentiary Museum in Rawlins

Wyoming State Penitentiary Museum in Rawlins

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  • Date Posted: Aug 10, 2014
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We ended up staying the night in a hotel in Casper.  The previous day was a long drive, because we drove through the night to get passed Minnesota and South Dakota before sunrise.  And we went sightseeing all across northern and western Nebraska.  A storm loomed over Casper, so we found the nearest hotel and caught some Z’s.

The next morning, we hit the highway again, and stopped off in Rawlins at their Penitentiary Museum.  Interesting place.  They gave tours of the whole place and grounds.  They even had a demonstration of the hanging apparatus.

Eventually we headed to Craig, Colorado.  Instead of staying on the interstate, we wanted to take the county and state roads.

Eventually, our destination is to see the Dinosaur National Park, but the way time was slipping away from us, we might not make it before close.