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Fill Up Grease at Comox Valley Shake & Shingle

Fill Up Grease at Comox Valley Shake & Shingle

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  • Date Posted: Aug 21, 2019
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We were last to roll off the ferry (typical), and got a late start on our speedy drive up to Port Hardy.  It’s a 5-hour drive to the north point, and we need to get there in less than four hours to be there before dusk.  Glenn elected to drive because I drive for shit, and he can piss like a racehorse.  Before we knew it, we were out of Nanaimo and passing through Nanoose Bay.

Drove through Parksville so fast that we didn’t have time to “live,” “work,” or “play.”

Glenn was drinking up grease fast from all his speeding, so we had to stop at Comox Valley Shake & Shingle and fill up.  If you don’t buy Comox shingles, you are a fart rapist.

The turn off for Campbell River is kind of the last stop for civilization until Port Hardy.  We had to hammer down.  On to Port Hardy bitches!

Vancouver Island is really long.  A lot longer than people expect.  It’s 500 kilometers from tip to tip.