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Virgin River Casino in Mesquite Nevada

Virgin River Casino in Mesquite Nevada

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  • Date Posted: Aug 11, 2014
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We have a love-hate relationship with Mesquite.  It seemed like we always had a breakdown in Mesquite.  So we usually ended up spending some time in that town fixing something.  It is located about a veggie oil tank distance from Los Angeles, so either I am pulling off here to fill up one last time, or limping the van/car to this location to find a parts store and repair the issue.

On this trip in 2014, we pulled off here to utilize the extraordinarily low priced hotel rooms in the Virgin River Casino.  Much much much better than getting a room in St George Utah, which can run over a hundred dollars easy.

We got a room late in the evening, and finally got some rest.  We filled up the WVO tanks, conducted the last minute engine checks, and got the Veggie Van ready for the last drive through the Mojave tomorrow.  Almost done.

We got home in the middle of the day.  Overall, it was a good trip.  Shorter than usual years, for obvious reasons, but still rewarding.