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Souix Falls, South Dakota

Souix Falls, South Dakota

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  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2021
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We met up with our travel companions this morning at the good ol’ Souix Falls.  We visited here on a previous WVO roadtrip with them in the veggie van, but this time we have two vans and we are convoying it back to Southern California.

It was nice to see our friends after separating for a full month.  They were visiting family out east, and this was our reunion site.  We have better pictures of this place from the 2016 or 2017 roadtrip, but I don’t have them on my computer at the moment.

One bad thing happened though.  As we let the van sit, some trans fluid dripped out of the flywheel cover.  I wasn’t too concerned, since it was a small amount, but this hadn’t happened before.  I’ll keep an eye on this for the time being.